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Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB) offers a continuum of support for students who are blind and visually impaired.  Students seeking enrollment must have a current Individualized Education Plan, IEP, and be determined eligible for special education services, as a student with a visual impairment, under KY guidelines.  Enrollment in the KSB programs is determined by the Admissions and Release Committee (ARC).  We will work collaboratively with the home district to ensure all needs are identified and considered in the development of the Individual Education Program.  

Students who are admitted to KSB attend school during the regular two-semester school year and do not attend KSB during the summer.  Students who live within 60 miles of campus are transported from their homes to KSB on a daily basis by the local school district. Students who live more than 60 miles from campus are eligible to stay in the KSB dorm.  These students return home each weekend and over breaks during the school year.  

From the time a student is accepted for admission, KSB focuses on developing a strong partnership with the staff of the student’s local school district.  The goal of this collaboration is to support the district’s efforts and abilities to provide the student with a Free and Appropriate Education, FAPE, upon the student’s return to the district.  During the student’s enrollment, KSB not only provides the instruction and other FAPE elements the student needs but also collaborates intensively with the district and the student’s family to prepare for the student’s return to the district.

Placement is a year to year decision.  When the ARC determines that KSB is no longer the Least Restrictive Environment in which to provide FAPE, the student will return to the district.  Through collaboration between the home district and KSB, the district will be better prepared to provide the student with FAPE.  Being prepared to provide a FAPE does not mean that the district will provide the student with the same level of services or the same opportunity to benefit from education that was provided at KSB.  It does mean, though, that the district will implement an IEP reasonably calculated to enable the student to receive educational benefit.

Because KSB is the statewide resource for students who are blind or visually impaired, we are able to provide a level of intensity of services not typically available in local districts.   By working with districts and parents during the student’s enrollment we strive to perform activities that will maximize the student’s educational benefit upon return to the district.

Students who attend KSB full-time are enrolled into Infinite Campus as a KSB student.  KSB will maintain attendance and assign grades.  Students will take all tests at KSB.