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The KSB Outreach Department supports proficient student performance by assisting local school districts, Kentucky School for the Deaf and KSB in reducing barriers to learning associated with a vision loss and providing students access to the general curriculum, the Kentucky Core Academic Standards, and Expanded Core Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments.

Outreach Director assists with Abacus Bee

Partnering with Kentucky Special Education Cooperatives

KSB Outreach Consultants work in partnership with Kentucky's Special Education Cooperatives to facilitate expansion of regional services. A KSB Outreach Consultant is assigned to each of the Special Education Cooperatives as a point of contact about services and programs offered by KSB. In addition, KSB Outreach Consultants assists new teachers of the visually impaired through mentoring; conducts workshops and trainings; works with school personnel to develop plans and conduct evaluations for students in accessing the general curriculum using the core curriculum and the expanded core curriculum for students with visual impairments; and provides on-site observation and consultation including recommendations for appropriate curricular materials and instructional methods, modifications, and adaptations. 

Referrals for service may be made by the Director of Special Education of the local school district and sent to the KSB Outreach Consultant that serves their district's regional Special Education Cooperative, or by contacting the KSB Director of Outreach.



Outreach consultants speak to college bound students

Low Vision Evaluations for Students 

KSB Outreach offers Kentucky students with visual impairments the opportunity to obtain a clinical low vision evaluation. Low Vision Clinics are scheduled throughout the school year at various locations across Kentucky and at KSB.  The primary purpose of a clinical low vision evaluation is to determine whether an individual with low vision can benefit from optical and non-optical devices, as well as adaptive techniques, to enhance visual functioning. This type of evaluation should be an adjunct to the care a student receives from their primary eye care provider.


Student examines doctor's eyes


Family Support Services 

This program promotes and engages parents, caregivers and other family members as full partners in the educational process for their children with visual impairments. The KSB Outreach staff takes an active role in collaboration with other agencies in planning and hosting regional and/or statewide activities that promote family awareness and involvement in their child's education.



Kentucky Instructional Materials Resource Center

The KIMRC assists schools in obtaining specialized materials for Kentucky students who are blind and visually impaired. This includes students that are enrolled in public and private schools, as well as those students that are home schooled as long as they are participating in a “formally organized educational program.”  Also included are infants and preschool children served through private agencies.  The KIMRC conducts an Annual Registration of Students who are Blind and Visually Impaired. It is through this process that students are deemed eligible to receive textbooks in alternate formats, instructional materials and supplies.



Book stacks in the KIMRC



Short Course Program

The KSB Short Course Program, a nationally recognized model program, offers students who are blind and visually impaired the opportunity to receive direct and intensive instruction for their vision needs. Students may attend up to 12 weeks in a school year, but remain enrolled in their home district while participating in the program on the KSB campus. Instruction is focused on the Expanded Core Curriculum for Students With Visual Impairments and supports the Core Content.



Student uses a magnifier to grocery shop




AT Lending Library


Low Vision Clinic

Family Support Services


Vision Resources


New Teacher Mentoring Guidelines

Referral for Mentoring Teachers

Referral For Student Services

Outreach Consultants Contact Information




Kentucky School for the Blind
1867 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

Fax Number:
(502) 897-8737

Martin Monson
Director of Outreach Services
(502) 897-1583 x 7714


Connie Hill
Low Vision Consultant
(502) 897-1583 x 7101


Program Coordinator
Kentucky Instructional Materials Resource Center
(502) 897-1583 x 7117


Sue Yocum
Resource Specialist
Kentucky Instructional Materials Resource Center
(502) 897-1583 x 7108


Mitch Dahmke
Family Support Coordinator
(502) 897-1583 x 7104