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Gateways to Independence


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2024 Gateways to Independence

Gateways To Independence is an annual professional development event planned and hosted by the KSB Outreach Department for Kentucky teachers of the visually impaired, orientation and mobility specialists and other professionals working in the field of visual impairment.  The goal is to enhance the ability of teachers to address the unique needs of students with visual impairments and to support teachers and other service providers in their role of providing the exceptional instruction their students require. This exclusive opportunity for professionals provides an avenue to heighten skills in topics related to the Expanded Core Curriculum for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired, resulting in improved teaching and student performance. 








Martin Monson
Director of Outreach Services
(502) 897-1583 x 6212

Teri Ritchie
KSB Outreach Consultant
502-897-1583 x 7109