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Food Services

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KSB food service provides nutritionally balanced meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Supper/snacks) for students each school day through SBP, NSLP and CACFP, free of charge to ALL students. Children who are hungry find it hard to stay alert and participate in class, so we help close the readiness gap with a good breakfast before school begins. We also plan lunches that provide one-third of the recommended dietary allowance for school-age children. Our menus include a daily variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, and whole-grain products.

What makes a Breakfast?

Schools offer the following components:

·       Fruit and fruit juice (1 cup)

·       Grain (2 oz.)—Protein may be added.

·       Milk (8 oz.)

A student must select at least one fruit or fruit juice and two additional items (or an entrée that may be equivalent to two items, such as a sausage biscuit).


What makes a lunch?

A school lunch includes five food components:

·       Meat/Meat alternative   

·       Fruit

·       Vegetable

·       Grains

·       Milk

A student must choose at least three of the five components for a reimbursable meal. One of the choices must be a fruit or vegetable. Students may take all five components if they like.


Adult Breakfast $4.00 Lunch $5.00

Cafeteria Manager
Ms. Renee Brewer
(502) 897-1583 x 4504

Food Service Director for State Schools KSB/KSD
Ms. Carrie McCrary
(502) 564-4970 x 4142

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